“Yoga itself is a great teacher. In present time more than improving the teaching skills there is a need to improve learning skills.” Swami Maheshananda

Lonavla, India. After about  two years, Alexandra, my teacher, and i have returned to Kaivalyadhama Institute for the third time. Last February 2017 it was for a Meditation Workshop with prof. Bhogal. In November 2014 we were there for an intensive MasterClass for Yoga Teachers.  The experience was as wonderful as always and meeting our professors is was a joyful opportunity to share because this time were also students from atha yoga iti, our school in Bucharest with us.

We thank our mentors, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Bhalekar and Prof. Bhogul for assisting us in a deeper comprehension of the yogic concepts as in the traditional texts, in the pranayama practices and in meditation techniques, and for reminding us that yoga is about “who am I” and is a tough path of understanding the process from doing to being.

A particular thought of gratitude for SwamiJi Maheshananda, Spiritual Leader and Chairman of Kaivalyadhama, who always gives us moments of light and words of wisdom to experience and to reflect about. Not Goodbyes but See you soon!

If you are looking for a deepen experience of yoga and have the time to dedicate to this pursuit – go for it. It is worth. Here the details for Kaivalyadhama Institute in Lonavla.

May this blog helps you to explore and decide 🙂

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