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Simply try to understand that what we do on the mat is what we can apply off the mat. And viceversa. Our attitude as we approach a new pose is a reflection of how we live our lives. Silently our practice transform our lives and have a reverberation in our daily life. Empowers us with self confidence and teaches us the lesson of patience and of giving way.

Try to have your mental presence in everything you do in every moment of your day. When you are waiting at the stop in traffic, when you are washing-up, when you are eating a sandwich, when you are walking down the street. Be an observer. Learn to accept too. Try to make it easier with no drama. To live in the here and now. Then any moment becomes yoga.

“Yoga offer us a way of being, an experience that can potentially include everything!”

Please keep in mind that yoga, as it has been conveyed from ancient times to nowadays, has nothing in common with health per se, nor with the physical or psychological wellness, or with what lies beneath; yoga is a philosophy and its aim is transcendence. We use asana to strengthen our body and create space, pranayama to cleanse it and coordinate the pranic flow, pratyahara and dharana to sustain complete focus. Taking care of the body is not a goal in itself, but a way to facilitate the practice of meditation in order to achieve supreme self-awareness.

This is the classic vision that you need to consider. It’s also true that the various practices and techniques may as well be successfully effective in reaching different intermediate results.

This is why it is essential to understand on your own, and to clarify with yourself, the real reason that encouraged you to practice yoga.

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