Monday @19.10 & Wednesday @13.00

Monday @19.10 & Wednesday @13.00

EndoftheDay  – mainly stretch and breathe. Let's leave behind the tensions and the inconveniences of the day. Take your time to tune and turn in. To redefine your balance. Learn how slowing down the breath can help slow down the mind. Practice kindness and non judgement towards self. Being calm and more present in any action.  And last but not least, may be useful (interesting) for getting asleep.


Time                  Monday evening @19:10 & Wednesday noon @13:00

Location            Tunari, 55 - S2, Bucharest



Please consult your doctor/physician before starting any yoga program. Any participant should be in good physical condition, able to participate in the exercise, and assume the risk of injury from performing exercises or the program.


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