Yoga practice - connecting with the breath

Yoga practice - connecting with the breath

“The practices of yoga are derived from observing our breathing. Our mind affects our breathing and our breathing affects our mind. As your awareness becomes more refined, it can guide you in all areas of your life.“

This time we will explore the difference between an asana practice, where there are detailed instructions, alignments, adjustments or whatever and the breath is centered in the practice, and a breath-centered practice, where the breath is supported by the asana. You will learn how to modify movements and tailor workouts to your body and your needs.
A breath-centered practice is for everybody and for every body. You can do it regardless any previous experience in yoga. Just observe how breath align the body…
The take-home message may be: Enjoy the after effects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the sensations and to experience the benefits.

The classes are taught in the Hatha Yoga tradition with a strong emphasis on healthy alignment. Hatha yoga refers to the physical practice of yoga, meaning the practice of poses and observance of breath as a means to health and peace of mind. Livia brings her own dedicated study, unique blend of experience, strong focus, and her personality to the class.

The event is open to all those willing to practice yoga, regardless of knowledge or practice.
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