new to yoga?

If you are new to yoga, welcome. Write us or come to meet us and have your questions answered in person. You should also consider attending a regular class as a guest to get a better idea of our approach and our multistyle perspective.

There is no easy formula for choosing the right training. The good news is that you have now more opportunities to asking questions and to investigate costs, locations, schedule and last but not least, syllabus. Then spend a piece of time reflecting on “what am I really looking for?”

Many people think of yoga only as exercise or intensive fitness and try to do the most physically intense poses possible. Not only that may not help you, but also it could hurt you. The right yoga for you is your yoga.

Our classes are available to all students, depending on what they are looking for. The details on the classes are to help you in making a choise. In all our yoga classes students will learn breathing techniques, foundational postures, and safe alignment. The teacher will centered the practice in the class on the physical and emotional conditions of the attendees.

The right moment to start is every moment. Therefore a mat, comfortable attire and your full presence should almost always suffice.

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