300-hour Teacher Training

Why a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Isn’t Enough?

That’s because there’s a difference between learning yoga and learning how to teach yoga to teachers...

While a 200-hour teacher training course is certainly a learning opportunity as well as an introduction to teaching yoga, we believe in continuing education.

The new formula of this Certified Program is structured on the basic Course and some additional specific modules and mini-Courses, in order to permit a greater flexibility to all those interested in developing their own personal yoga practice, and improving their own yoga teaching.


The trainees who intent to follow this direction of study must have a 200 hour TTP degree with a RYS and prepare and present a Final project Mentorship for graduation.

At the end of the course the students are eligible to register in Yoga Alliance as RYT 500, Yoga Teacher. This certification supports them to build worldwide recognized credentials in the field of teaching yoga and join the largest yoga community.

Swami Maheshananda sees now that the people pratice with great intensity only during their yoga course and once they become instructors all practices goes down and preaching goes up. Swamiji reminds us "yoga has much more to offer. Keep practicing. Keep learning."

Ready to elevate your yoga teaching at a new level?

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