who can do yoga?

Or maybe who should practice yoga?

Yoga has something for each one.  But is yoga really helpful to all, and if it proves beneficial, then how it works?

Considering the effects of yoga in physical, mental and spiritual dimension, undoubtedly yoga has various benefits and it is a source of regeneration, wellness and inspiration. Many teachers, medical professionals and health experts started recommand yoga to relax, seek balance, improve your posture, release your rigidity, and let go of tension and anxiety.

What it is very important is to have the right attitude and/or the right teacher. To understand that behind asanas, pranayama, cleansing techniques and other yogic techniques there is a philosophy.

Asana is neither a panacea, nor a goal. In fact, if you do it with ego or obsession, you’ll end up causing problems for yourself. A lot of people don’t like to hear that from a teacher.

In the vast information out there about yoga, there is very little specific information about how to practice it in a moderate way, how to avoid injuries, or how to respect your limitations or alleviate the pain stemming from injuries (even from the ordinary and prosaic ones).

yoga is about yourself.

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