feeling body-mind connection

There is only one person who knows what you really want... and that's yourself. "True yoga is just getting out of your own way. "

Through yoga practices and techniques, we will move our bodies, working on our limits, experiencing stepping out of our comfort zone, trying to embrace the space that contains us, but also our inner space, our senses, intentions, emotions, thoughts, mindset, what limits and blocks us, who we are.

102 hours dedicated to ourselves following this powerful and challenging fil rouge, the connection body-mind, means working on fascia, emotions, thoughts and always on breath. It's a commitment of time and energy and really worth the effort only if you're committed to bringing yourself first for once in your life.

We will experience stillness, silence, surrender, rest, change not from fear or frustration, but from inside deep confidence, aware that we can act differently, that changing our state of mind through our own actions can lead to a sense of deep relaxation and whole body freedom, a fresh and more optimistic approach to life.

For those who know what's best for them.

We start on Monday 25 September, 2023, until 2024, 27 June; every Mon & Thu 18.30-20.00 @centrulshakti, Bucharest


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