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atha yoga iti Association was born from our passion for yoga. From Alexandra’s great experience and generosity in teaching yoga and from my enthusiasm in praticing and studying yoga together with her. From our joy to share this with others.

A beginning, atha, is in itself an ending, iti.


pozaAs in any ending there is inherently a new beginning. Between the beginning and the ending flows our life. Our daily life, as it is.

We believe yoga is asana, pranayama, meditation, and also study.  Everything we learn and try out on the mat we have to turn into a modus vivendi.

We believe that yoga is a potential way to educate people to adopt a better lifestyle. Yoga can literally transform people and people can change the world.

We are faithful to the classical Indian philosophy and yogic culture as reflected in the traditional texts, and we are opened to modern yoga and its actual approaches based on medical and scientific researches as well.

As a non-profit association, this is the core of our activity. Our commitment is to practicing yoga and living yoga, together as one.

so every moment becomes yoga. now, then and therefore yoga, according to our own vocation.

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